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Being a Leader

Management and leadership are not the same thing but many organisations want their managers to play some sort of leadership role. What does it mean to be a good leader?

Some people define leaders by their characteristics, which could include:

  • Confidence
  • Integrity
  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Resilience
  • Consistency
  • Adaptability
  • The ability to inspire
  • Vision
  • Decisiveness

Others might define leaders by their actions, which would include:

  • Creating and promoting a vision
  • Developing a strategy
  • Setting clear goals and expectations
  • Focusing on moving forward rather than maintaining the status quo
  • Making critical decisions
  • Creating a defining culture or ethos for the organisation

The first part of becoming a leader is to make the mental shift necessary to see yourself as a leader rather than as a follower or as a “ doer “. Not everyone can do this.

In some cases, managers see themselves as responsible for day to day operations and do not think in broader terms, leaving the “ big decisions “ to others and, when they are called upon to step up to a higher level, they find it difficult ( see the page on Mindset and Attitude for related issues ).

Some common problems you might see in this area are:

  • Leaders spend too much time on day to day management and not enough on strategy or planning- so the organisation lacks direction, there is no clear vision, decisions are taken on an ad hoc basis rather than as part of a long – term strategy
  • Leaders are not clear what being a leader means and what is required of them on that role- so they spend time on the wrong tasks and don’t give clear direction to others, they wait to be led rather than making decisions and taking action so critical things do not get done quickly enough and there is little direction
  • Leaders are indecisive, taking a long time to make decisions or acting on impulse rather than sound judgement- so mistakes are made, decisions take too long and opportunities are missed, staff lack direction and leaders do not inspire confidence
  • Leaders do not have, or communicate, a clear vision- so staff are not inspired or clear about where the organisation is going, motivation and morale are affected, people work on the wrong things and different departments or groups go in different directions rather than working together towards the same end
  • Leaders are not able to foresee, identify or deal with problems or conflicts- so problems build up and become more significant, conflicts develop, teams work less effectively, there is a poor working atmosphere, there is too much time spent on “ fire fighting “ and not enough planning

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Solutions in this area might focus on:

  • Thinking like a leader
  • Moving from management to leadership
  • Leading high performance teams
  • Leading people through change
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Creating a vision
  • Motivating and inspiring people

For more details of training courses I can offer in these areas, go to Management & Leadership Training

Some of the benefits of working with me will be:

  • People understand the difference between being a manager and being a leader – so they spend time on appropriate tasks, such as planning, strategy and creating a vision, so the organisation has a clearer direction and decisions are made within an overall strategy
  • People take on the role of a leader rather than a follower – so they give clear direction to others, they build loyalty and commitment amongst their teams, so the right tasks are carried out and they are performed to a high level
  • People know how to set, and gain commitment to, clear and challenging goals for the organisation and for individuals within it – so everyone knows where they are going and can commit to the future of the organisation
  • People are more decisive and can tackle and solve problems more effectively – so decisions are taken on a timely basis and problems are tackled before they have a major impact
  • People know how to build high performance teams and to lead them through periods of changes and challenges

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For more details of training courses I can offer in these areas, go to Management & Leadership Training

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