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Influencing and Motivating

Let’s face it, management is largely about getting other people to do what you want them to do, and to do it well.

To do that, you need to be able to influence and persuade people and also to motivate them to perform at a high level.

Influence and persuasion involve some high level communication skills – being adaptable and able to deal with all sorts of different people, being able to build rapport with people and to show empathy and understanding of their position.

To influence someone, you need to understand what moves them to take action, what’s important to them and which approach is most likely to work with them ( no one approach will work with all people in all situations ).

You may also need to be able to influence and persuade in a range of situations, e.g. one to one, in a meeting or in a presentation. You need to persuade staff, colleagues, higher levels of management, clients, suppliers and others you work with.

Why do you need to motivate people? Aren’t they paid to do their job, what do they need to be motivated for? ( I’ve heard managers say this ).

Well, be honest, does anyone work at 100% effectiveness all the time? Don’t we all have some days when we slack off a bit and do just enough? In fact, some people will do that most of the time if you can’t find a way to inspire them to do more.

The good news is…there are lots of ways to do that ( and most of them don’t cost anything ).

Some common problems you might see in this area are:

  • Managers only have one style, which may work with some people but is ineffective with others, they cannot adapt their approach- so they struggle to motivate and inspire some people who work for them, they have little rapport with certain kinds of people and find them difficult to work with, they fail to build high performance teams around them
  • Managers have a dictatorial approach where they “ tell “ people what to do rather than involving and engaging them- so they cause friction and conflict and don’t build loyalty and commitment in their teams, there may be high staff turnover and performance declines as people become resistant to this approach
  • Managers fail to motivate people who work for them because they do not understand what is important to their staff and do not use a range of methods to encourage commitment and high performance- so performance levels are lower than they could be, morale is generally poor and people do what they have to but don’t respond when asked to do anything extra, important tasks are not completed or are not done well
  • Managers are effective in some situations but not others, e.g. they are not successful in sales presentations or in negotiating fees, they struggle to express themselves clearly and persuasively in meetings- so they have limited success, they may fail to negotiate the best terms for contracts or to win new work, they cannot gain support for their ideas or persuade others to follow them

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How To Motivate People

Solutions in this area might focus on:

  • Managing and motivating people
  • Influencing and persuading
  • Negotiation skills
  • Persuasive presentations
  • How to be effective in meetings
  • Building high performance teams

For more details of training courses I can offer in these areas, go to Management & Leadership Training

Some of the benefits of working with me will be:

  • People will have a wide range of skills in communication and motivation which they use to persuade and influence others – so they can achieve high performance levels with their teams and work well with different personalities, whether staff, colleagues or clients and business contacts
  • People will be able to adapt their approach to suit the people and the situations they come across – so staff perform at a high level, show commitment and enthusiasm, are more productive and work more effectively
  • People will be able to get their ideas and opinions across with impact and confidence – so they can inspire and convince others and get agreement to what is needed, whether in meetings, presentations or one to one

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For more details of training courses I can offer in these areas, go to Management & Leadership Training

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