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Mindset and Attitude

Mindset and attitude are the things which underpin all aspects of effective management and leadership. If these are not right, people will not, and cannot, develop and apply the skills they need to be successful.

One of the first problems many new managers have is that they don’t make the mental shift to being the leader. Often, these are what I call “ reluctant managers “, people who are in denial about their role.

This shows itself in 3 ways.

Firstly, they want to keep doing the same job they did before and not recognise that their focus now should be on managing other people, not on doing everything themselves.

Secondly, they try to still be “ one of the team “, to have the same relationship with other people as they had before. But that doesn’t work. Other people know that things aren’t the same. They treat you differently, they expect different things from you once you’re their manager.

Thirdly, they fail to take a leadership role, focusing too much on everyday tasks and not enough on strategy, planning or creating a vision for the organisation.

Another problem is a lack of confidence and self – belief. This holds people back from trying new things, from dealing with change, from taking the lead. It also undermines people’s resilience and persistence when things get tough, they don’t overcome setbacks easily.

Some of the common problems you might see in this area are:

  • People lack confidence in their abilities and potential - so they don’t take the necessary actions, they don’t deal with change well, they don’t lead by example, they are not persuasive and inspirational
  • They haven’t made the shift from being a team member to being the manager - so they don’t deal with problems quickly enough, they continue doing work they should delegate, they find it hard to give staff feedback or discipline them when necessary, they don’t command respect or give a clear lead
  • People have a negative attitude, they tend to see problems rather than solutions, they don’t have a “ can do “ approach – so they don’t motivate others, they give up easily or blame others for things which go wrong, they feel stressed and anxious, they can’t be relied on to instigate, or carry out, new ideas
  • They are intimidated by certain people and don’t put their opinions across forcefully or speak up when they should – so they don’t play a full role in making or carrying out decisions, they don’t stand out as leaders and don’t carry others along, they don’t gain other people’s confidence or support
  • They don’t deal well with pressure, can’t think clearly and can’t cope with increased responsibility – so they suffer from stress and pass stress on to others, they make poor decisions, they lack energy and enthusiasm, they can’t handle change or manage change in the organisation, they may become unreliable

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How To Think Like A Winner

Solutions in this area might focus on:

  • Think like a winner
  • Becoming a leader
  • Developing super confidence
  • Positive thinking
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Breaking through limiting beliefs and self – doubt
  • One – to – one coaching for managers and leaders

For more details of training courses I can offer in these areas, go to Management & Leadership Training

Some benefits of working with me will be:

  • People will be more confident and sure of their roles, their own strengths and their potential – so they can achieve more, inspire and lead others and gain respect
  • Managers will make the mental shift needed to become leaders - so they will be able to build support from their teams and give clear direction, they will carry authority without being unapproachable
  • People will develop a positive and optimistic attitude – so they will  be more resilient, they will overcome problems and not be overwhelmed by them, they will set a good example for others to follow
  • People will recognise the symptoms of stress and deal with them effectively – so they will work better under pressure, maintain focus and energy, manage their time successfully and achieve greater results
  • People will project confidence and assurance in all situations and state their opinions and ideas clearly and with impact – so they will influence and persuade others, play a full role in decision making and planning

For more information on how to develop the right attitude to be confident and successful, look at the articles in this category in the Management Tips Blog.

For more details of training courses I can offer in these areas, go to Management & Leadership Training

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