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Time and Self Management

A common problem for managers is that they work too hard! Of course, they’re meant to work hard, but often they work harder than they need to. This is partly because they work on some of the wrong things.

Both problems are usually the result of failing to delegate as much as they could. Many managers hold onto work which they should pass on to others. This often happens because they haven’t yet realised that their role has changed and they are now responsible for getting things done rather than for doing things themselves.

But delegation isn’t the only skill they need to learn. As their lives get busier and they take on more responsibility, they need to learn effective time management techniques and working practices which will allow them to be more effective – that is, to get results – and still go home at nights.

So they need to be able to plan, to prioritise, to make decisions about which tasks are most important, to deal with interruptions, to avoid procrastination and to answer the crucial question, “ What should I be doing now? “

Some common problems you might see in this area are:

  • People are overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to do - so tasks pile up, things are not completed on time or the standard of work drops
  • People procrastinate and put things off or they are indecisive about which tasks to work on – so tasks take longer than they should, deadlines are missed or work hurriedly completed at the last minute, people are less productive than they could be
  • People make poor choices about which work to focus on and fail to prioritise correctly - important tasks are not done while less important ones are completed, too much time is spend on some work which makes it expensive and non – commercial
  • Managers don’t delegate when they should or delegate poorly, without sufficient briefing or coaching about the tasks – so work is done at the wrong level, staff at lower levels are not working on the right tasks and are not developing the skills and experience they need
  • People allow work to be interrupted by other people or by emails and phone calls – so work takes longer than it should, they do not set a good example for effective working practices, they are inefficient and unproductive and have to work longer to get everything done
  • People are poor at running meetings, failing to set clear objectives, provide agendas and stick to times – meetings are unproductive and take too long, time is wasted, tasks not allocated correctly, people are not clear about what needs to be done or by whom

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Solutions in this area might focus on:

  • Managing yourself and your time
  • Making the most of meetings
  • Delegation skills
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Coaching and mentoring

For more details of training courses I can offer in these areas, go to Management & Leadership Training

Some of the benefits of working with me would be:

  • People manage their workloads effectively – so they achieve more, work gets done in less time, people feel motivated and have a sense of achievement and enjoy their work more
  • People carry out tasks in time and without delay, they can deal with interruptions and prioritise – so the right things get done and in good time, no deadlines are missed and work is done effectively and efficiently
  • Managers delegate successfully – so work is done at the right level, staff are developed and motivated, work is carried out commercially and everyone is more productive, managers spend more time on critical tasks which are appropriate for their level
  • People learn how to run, and participate in, effective meetings which start and end on time and achieve results – so no time wasted in unproductive meetings, more gets done in less time, people feel more energised and committed, everyone is clear about what needs to be done

For more information about how to manage yourself and your time, look at the articles in this category in the Management Tips Blog.

For more details of training courses I can offer in these areas, go to Management & Leadership Training

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