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What do I know about management, leadership and building a successful career?

Have I been CEO of a large company or organisation? Sorry, no.

Do I have impressive qualifications in management or leadership? Afraid not.

So what qualifies me to talk about management and leadership?

Well, I do have years of experience of struggling, on a daily basis, with the whole messy business of trying to get people to do what I wanted them to do, of sorting out grievances and squabbles, of supporting and encouraging people when they needed it and kicking them up the backside when they needed that ( in a caring and supportive way, of course ).

I’ve worked in a range of environments. I was a Primary School teacher, then a Tax Inspector ( yes, I know, we all make mistakes ), then a Tax Consultant for Deloitte, then a full – time trainer and finally ( deep breath ) Head of the Skills Development Team for the UK Tax Practice ( good title, eh? ). So I’ve had successful careers in both the public and the private sector.

In the process, I’ve learned – the hard way – what tends to work and what doesn’t.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes ( don’t trust anyone who says they haven’t ). I’ve tried things which didn’t work, I’ve stumbled upon approaches which got results. I’ve adapted and developed to find new ways of dealing with difficult people and situations.

I’ve learned some things that no – one tells you before you become a manager. For example, that some people who were previously friendly and supportive towards you will suddenly challenge everything you say and become defensive and obstructive. That you can’t please everyone – as soon as you make a decision, someone will tell you it’s wrong. And, to be honest, there are some people you will never please, whatever you do, because, well, you’re the manager and that’s like holding up a big sign saying, ” Kick me “.

I’ve also learned that most people don’t behave the way the books say ( and I’ve read lots of them because I’ve been running management training courses for about 20 years ).

I also have years of experience of being managed myself and I’ve seen a lot of different styles. I’ve worked for some very good managers who have shown  me ways to deal with things which I would never have thought of. I’ve worked for a few people I really respected and held up as role models for how good leaders ought to behave.

But I have to say they’ve been outnumbered by the pretty awful ones. The bullies, the ditherers, the weak ones who blame everyone else, the micromanagers who won’t trust you to do a good job. In fact, I’m now running my own business because I’d had enough of being micromanaged ( like most people, I don’t actually LIKE being managed ).

I’ve learned that there are no guarantees when you’re managing people, you can’t predict exactly how they’ll behave because they’re people, not machines.

You can’t say, ” This is the right way to do it, this is what works. ” You can only say, ” This approach tends to get better results than that one in most cases. ”

That’s why my training and coaching aren’t about high level ” management processes ” or ” systems “. They’re about the everyday, real world challenges of dealing with human beings, some of whom aren’t as reasonable, fair minded and dedicated as you are. They deal with the, ” what do you say when someone does this…? ” or, ” How do you handle this…? ” type of questions.

My life in a few words

I’ve spent most of my adult life involved in teaching, training and coaching.

I’ve a passion for helping people develop and succeed.

I’ve helped thousands of individuals improve their management and communication skills. I have also helped them develop their personal skills, to become more confident, assertive and focused.

I have years of experience in analysing learning needs and designing and delivering effective training solutions.

I’ve spoken to large conferences, run small workshops and worked one to one. I have run courses and seminars throughout the UK and in Europe. I have been a public speaker for over 35 years and have even won speaking competitions ( yes, I know, who in their right mind would enter a speaking competition? )

I’m an accredited coach and now help to train others in coaching skills.

I’ve written numerous articles, booklets and e-books. I’ve also appeared on the radio several times.

I’m a keen guitarist. I’ve played in public since I was 17.

I support Middlesbrough Football Club, so I know the effect that a lack of basic skills and poor leadership can have on a team.

If you want to work with someone who:

  • has a vast amount of experience in training and development
  • has a passion for helping people and businesses to grow
  • delivers training and coaching with enthusiasm, humour and rapport

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