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One to one support, focused on YOUR needs, to help you become a confident and successful leader who gets results and gains respect.

” I would not hesitate to recommend Alan to any team or individual who are looking to achieve maximum effectiveness. “

Lyn  Wesemael

Did you end up becoming a manager because you were good at something else? Most people do!

They’re really good accountants, engineers, lawyers, teachers, nurses, salespeople… then one day they find themselves in a position where they’re responsible for other people and, hey presto,  they’ve become managers. Now what?

Unfortunately, being good at something else doesn’t mean you’re going to be a good manager.

That involves quite different skills. And it can take you many years of trial and error to develop those skills, during which time you’ll be less effective ( and more stressed ) than you should be.

And what about ” leadership “?

Managing and leading aren’t quite the same thing. A manager has to organise people and resources to achieve a result. A leader…well, that suggests a bit more. That’s someone who offers a vision, a direction, a strategy as well as inspiration and motivation.

Becoming a manager and, in particular, a leader means you have to develop a different mindset, a new attitude, a new level of confidence and self -belief. After all, if you don’t really believe in yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?

Here’s The Good News!

You don’t need to face these challenges alone.

The Manage – Lead – Succeed Coaching Programme will give you the support you need to:

  • be more decisive, clear and focused
  • be more productive, get more done in less time
  • keep motivated and have more energy and drive
  • build and project confidence and self – belief
  • influence and persuade others more successfuly
  • manage, or avoid, conflict
  • implement and deal with change
  • deal with difficult people and situations more effectively
  • have greater impact on the people around you

The programme is ideal if you want to:

  • become an outstanding manager and leader
  • stand out amongst your peers and earn the respect of the people you deal with
  • gain ( or rediscover )  the satisfaction and fulfilment you want from your work

“As a coach, he blends his one to one skills with the experience of more than twenty years’ work at senior levels in both the public and private sectors.”

Stewart Beamont

The 3 Ss Of Success!

Throughout the Manage – Lead – Succeed Coaching Programme we will focus on the 3 Ss of success:

  1. Strategy
  2. Skills
  3. ‘Sychology ( I cheated )

Strategy - I will help you create a crystal clear vision of what you want to achieve, help you focus ( and stay focused ) on your key priorities, and work out a detailed plan of action to accomplish your goals.

Skills – I will help you to develop the skills you need ( in communication, management, leadership, organisation,etc. )to deal with all kinds of people and situations successfully.

‘Sychology – I will help you to develop a mindset for success, to think like a winner and to overcome any internal barriers you may have ( such as lack of confidence or self – belief ) which are undermining your performance.

The Benefits Of Coaching

Through one – to – one coaching, you will make far greater ( and quicker ) progress than through attending training workshops ( even mine! ) and certainly more than by reading books on management and trying to put what you’ve learned into practice on your own.

That’s because, with the Manage – Lead – Succeed Coaching Programme you have specific help and guidance to deal with real life challenges. You can talk about the people and situations you find difficult and get detailed, practical help.

The coaching is focused entirely on you and your needs.

You get individual attention - personal coaching, training and mentoring just when you need it.

“I would highly recommend Alan’s phone coaching to anyone as, over the sessions, you can apply the different techniques you have learned, then review them and adapt them to different situations. He was able to specifically relate examples and exercises to my individual circumstances.”

Jamie Rose

Warning - This isn’t for everyone!

Is this right for you? Well, only if you are :

  • prepared to invest time and effort over a sustained period rather than looking for a quick fix
  • open to challenging some of your existing ways of thinking and behaving
  • ready to be held accountable and to take responsibility for your own situation
  • committed to making significant changes where they are needed, to learn, grow and develop into the person you want to be.

“Alan is extremely supportive, amazingly helpful with his advice and generous with his time. He has a deep understanding of human nature and a wonderful way with words. I always end our conversations feeling more positive and clearer about what I need to do. I would recommend Alan without hesitation.”

Abla Trebble

Coaching can be organised for individuals, either face to face or by telephone or Skype ( so it is suitable, wherever you happen to live, even if you’re outside the UK ). Or it can be arranged within organisations, where I would come and visit and coach one or more people over the course of half a day or a day.


As a guide, for individual coaching, sessions last one hour and each session costs £125.  I would normally ask you to book at least 4 sessions to begin with.

For organisations, costs may vary depending on the number and length of the sessions and the travel time involved but, typically, a full day would cost £1,100 and half a day £650.

Please contact me to find out more about how coaching could benefit you and your organisation.

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