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How I Work

What results will you see?

What kind of results can you expect if you work with me?

  • You’ll feel much more confident about your role as a manager, you’ll be clearer about what’s expected of you and what you’re meant to do
  • You’ll learn practical, proven strategies for handling the people and situations that you now find difficult. You’ll develop a range of approaches so that you can deal with different kinds of people.
  • You’ll be able to manage and lead people more effectively, to influence and persuade people, to inspire and motivate them to do things for you.
  • You’ll be able to give people constructive feedback about their performance and help them to develop.
  • You’ll know how and when to be assertive and how to handle difficult  people firmly but politely.
  • You’ll know how to have a greater impact on the people you deal with every day, to appear confident and authoritative.
  • You’ll be able to organise yourself and your time successfully, to be more productive with less stress.

My Approach

Practical training based on real needs

So much has been written about management but a lot of it doesn’t seem to relate to real people doing a real job. It can get very theoretical.

And, while I’m not against theory, far from it, I think it sometimes gets a bit divorced from real people trying to cope with real situations. What are managers supposed to do on a daily basis to deal with the people who work for them? What are they supposed to say?

So my training does involve some theory and some models of management, the ones I think relate most closely to the real world. But it’s also based on my own experiences of working in the public and private sectors for 25 years and my own background as a manager. I have a good idea what works and what doesn’t. I’ve made plenty of mistakes myself as I’ve learned and I’ve worked for some excellent managers and some awful ones.

I believe that learning should be fun, but it should also be practical. Everything you learn should be grounded in real, day to day situations, not academic or abstract theories.

” Alan makes the session realistic and relevant…” Ann Skidmore, Ann Skidmore Associates

My training is interactive, lively, enjoyable – and it sticks! You will learn and retain more than with many other trainers and you’ll have a good time doing it ( no ” Death By Powerpoint ” ). I use flipcharts, cartoons, humour and provide brain – friendly toys and sweets for people.

” The participants are fully engaged and find the courses both challenging and enjoyable. ” Toni Frost, ACF Consulting Ltd.

My coaching is based on building rapport and empathy with my clients, availability and support and a personal commitment to helping them be the best they can.

I believe in giving value and doing everything I can to help you succeed I get great satisfaction from seeing people grow in confidence as they learn new skills.

” Alan exudes professionalism and commitment to his client.” Sue Sherliker, Independent Consultant

I am known for my sense of humour, my enthusiastic approach, my clarity and for basing everything I do on practical, realistic strategies which you can put into practice immediately to make a real difference in your performance.

” A wry wit and great fun to work with. ” Jonathan Geard – Beney, The Difference.

Now that you’ve learned more about how I work, go to the Services page to find out more about the specific courses and programmes I offer.

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