Transform your organisation with
inspiring training & coaching


3 Ways To Help You Succeed


In – house training courses covering the 6 core skill sets:

  • Being A Leader
  • Communication & Personal Impact
  • Influencing & Motivating Others
  • Managing Performance
  • Mindset & Attitude
  • Time & Self Management

Interactive, engaging and effective! Tailored to suit your organisation and people.

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One – to – one coaching for managers and leaders. Group coaching for teams.

Laser focused, the most effective way to achieve long – term change and development.

Ideal to help individuals adapt to a new role or to address specific challenges.

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Entertaining, challenging, inspiring talks on management, leadership and personal success- from keynotes at conferences to addressing professional associations or small groups and teams.

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Not sure what you need?

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for and you would like to learn more about whether I might be able to help you, the next step would be to contact me for an informal chat about what you’re looking to achieve and what problems you’re trying to deal with. You can also see whether you think there’s enough of a fit between what you need and what I offer to move forward.

If so, we could then arrange a FREE Management Effectiveness Assessment.

This is a more in – depth conversation where I can learn more about your needs, objectives and priorities and the challenges or barriers which may be standing in the way of achieving what you want for your business or organisation.

The benefit of this discussion to you would be:

  • to help you gain clarity about what you’re trying to achieve
  • to help you identify the likely causes of any problems you’re facing and to identify the right level in your organisation at which those problems may be arising ( for example, if a team isn’t performing as it should, does the team need help directly or does the problem lie with the manager, who needs to be able to lead and develop the team more effectively? )
  • to help you to see what sort of solutions would be most appropriate, e.g. whether you need training or coaching or some other form of support

This discussion could take place over the phone or face to face and usually takes about an hour.Whether or not you then decide to work with me, you’ll be much clearer about what’s needed and how to move forward from there.

Of course, you may feel you’re already clear about what you want, in which case please just give me a call and I’d be happy to discuss your needs with you in as much detail as you need.

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